About InTouch

A leading provider of global whistleblowing services

About InTouch

Founded in 2001, InTouch is one of the UK’s leading providers of whistleblowing programmes and services that alert senior management of serious wrongdoing within their organisations.  What makes us different is that whistleblowing is our sole business, ensuring that service design and delivery is never compromised by other activities. 

On May 1st 2014 InTouch MCS Limited became part of Expolink Europe Limited.  Established in 1995, Expolink is Europe’s whistleblowing hotline market leader and proud to have been the first outsourced whistleblowing company in Europe. This acquisition strengthened the position and service offering of both organisations enabling us to provide one of the most comprehensive whistleblowing programmes on the market.  It has enabled the best practices from each of the two UK providers to be built upon to the ultimate benefit of all our clients and their reporters.

InTouch works with many of the world’s leading organisations, helping them to mitigate potential risks and protect against financial loss and reputational damage.  We help to protect organisations and their employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders ensuring compliance with all corporate governance and regulatory requirements including the UK Bribery Act, UK Corporate Governance Code and Sarbanes-Oxley.  

We have unrivalled expertise in meeting the needs of whistleblowers.  Our SpeakUp service was developed to address the barriers to reporting, enabling individuals to safely and confidentially voice their concerns directly to the top.  Whistleblowers can choose from a unique range of reporting channels and make a report at a time that suits them, in their own language, increasing the chances that allegations of serious wrongdoing will be reported sooner rather than later.  

InTouch delivers the highest level of support throughout every engagement, helping organisations to implement and promote the service to all employees and ensuring that whistleblowing programmes exceed expectations.  SpeakUp is now one of the most flexible international services on the market enabling people to report in their chosen language, no matter where they are located around the world. 

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