Why have an independent whistleblowing hotline?

Independent whistleblowing hotlines

Why have an independent whistleblowing hotline?

It is a fact that most people will not directly report serious concerns for fear of being indentified

Having a whistleblowing service which is demonstrably independent provides a safe and secure way for disclosers to report any serious concerns about an organisation where they feel uncomfortable, or for whatever reason do not feel able to make a report directly to their line manager.

The biggest risk to any organisation is that something of real importance is not reported for fear of reprisals.

Independent programmes enable whistleblowers to make anonymous reports, easily and at a time that is convenient for them. This allows organisations to know about issues which could lead to financial loss or reputational damage that might otherwise not be heard.

Independent programmes also facilitate ongoing communication with anonymous disclosers, enabling organisations to ask for further information to help with any investigations.

Whistleblowers also have more confidence that their concerns will reach senior management speedily and unedited. The benefit to the organisation is that this service provides an alternative route for disclosers to come forward and therefore an opportunity for concerns to be handled internally.

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