InTouch support services

We support our clients before, during and after implementation

InTouch support services

InTouch provides the highest level of advice and support to ensure the maximum effectiveness of every whistleblowing programme.  Our deployment team has extensive experience of delivering effective whistleblowing programmes that really work for organisations around the world.  The project managers work closely in partnership with clients throughout every deployment to ensure that SpeakUp meets your specific requirements and is compliant. 

Account Management

We work closely with clients before, during and after every implementation of the SpeakUp service.  In addition, we keep clients informed of the latest technical and regulatory developments on a regular basis and provide best practice advice to help optimise the effectiveness of their whistleblower programmes.

Implementation Planning

Our project management team takes the time to scope out every deployment to ensure it meets the individual needs of clients in terms of report handling, languages and management reporting. 

Employee Communications

InTouch provides a full employee communication service that meets the language, country and jurisdiction requirements of every client to raise awareness and ensure the successful launch of the SpeakUp service. 

Training Services

InTouch can provide comprehensive training to ensure that all organisational personnel fully understand how to extract maximum value from the whistleblower programme.  Training can be delivered as web-based sessions, at your offices or hosted at InTouch’s premises.

Programme Effectiveness

InTouch can set up surveys through our SpeakDirect service to gauge the understanding that employees and other audiences that an organisation may give access to the service have of the programme and provide them with an opportunity to raise any concerns they may have.

Client Networking Forums

InTouch host client networking forums to share best practice and exchange ideas. 


InTouch publishes newsletters with updates on data protection issues that affect whistleblowing lines, relevant new legislation and best practice notes on topics such as effective promotion and globalising of whistleblower programmes.  

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