Data privacy

Keeping your confidential data safe and secure

Data privacy

InTouch works closely with organisations to ensure that whistleblowing programmes set up are complaint with all data privacy requirements.

General Data Compliance

It is important to note that local Data Privacy Authorities often have to be notified when a new whistleblower hotline is being set up to request authorisation.  This may reveal more fundamental compliance steps that need to be resolved by the client organisation prior to gaining consent from the Authority.  It can take up to three months to obtain authorisation from some EU countries. 

Data relating to racial or ethnic origin, health, religious or political opinions and criminal records will require a higher level of compliance in many countries.  In addition, data sent from within the EU to an organisation based outside the EU will also increase the level of compliance that must be met.

Data Access

The SpeakUp service also provides the highest level of confidentiality for the organisation. Prior to the programme going live, InTouch agrees with the primary contact at the organisation who will have access to the Case Reporting System and what level of information each authorised individual will have access to.  Once this is agreed only the primary contact can authorise changes to the permissions.

Reports can only be accessed by authorised personnel at InTouch and authorised recipients within an organisation.  Unique log in details determine the level of information that can be accessed.

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