Assess the effectiveness of your reporting line

Obtain valuable feedback

Assess the effectiveness of your reporting line

Employee surveys provide valuable input to assess the effectiveness of your reporting line and provide insight into why the programme may not be delivering the expected results.

They can:

  • Assess ongoing awareness of whistleblowing programmes
  • Provide employees with the option of reporting any concerns they have regarding the reporting line
  • Allow employers to understand how the service is perceived
  • Provides organisations with the information to address any concerns and improve the positioning and promotion of the reporting line 

Supporting your internal communications

Employee surveys also can be used to obtain feedback on particular events, assess understanding of briefings or training modules or gauge employee opinions about more general events within your organisation. 

  • Each survey would be developed in conjunction with your organisation
  • Transcripts of open feedback provided

Questions can be:

  • Qualitative - For example on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Quantitative - 1 and 2 for Yes or No

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