A unique approach to service delivery

Setting up whistleblower programmes

A unique approach to service delivery


InTouch delivers the highest level of support throughout the planning and deployment processes. We take a unique approach to setting up whistleblower programmes and work closely in partnership with clients to develop customised, structured project plans to meet their individual requirements.  We will discuss what must be done to set up an effective programme including establishing and reviewing new or existing policies and procedures as well as dealing with local country legislation.

Promoting your programme

We will also work with you to develop a communication strategy and promotional materials to meet the needs of the different audiences. We can provide stock artwork for promotional materials such as posters and wallets or help clients to design their own.  Our SpeakDirect service can also be used by employees to dial-in and hear a short pre-recorded briefing about the hotline given by a senior manager.

An effective whistleblower programme must include:

  • Buy-in from the top of the organisation
  • A clearly defined and up to date whistleblowing policy in place
  • A designated person responsible and accountable for the programme implementation and management
  • An agreed scope in terms of who can use the service, what can be reported, channel requirements, languages etc.
  • Agreement on who should receive reports  and access management information
  • All training requirements addressed
  • A clear and consistent communication strategy to launch the service to the different audiences 

InTouch has a proven track record of developing, deploying and supporting whistleblower programmes for some of the world’s leading organisations.  Our experienced project management team has the expertise to help every step of the way and ensure the maximum effectiveness of every deployment.

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