SpeakDirect to your employees

A telephone-based communication tool that offers clear direct communication to employees

SpeakDirect to your employees

SpeakDirect is a telephone communication channel, whereby a senior manager or team leader can record a briefing for employees to dial in and listen to.  It can be used to support the launch communications and any subsequent  communications of your whistleblowing programme without having to rely on emails, the intranet or requiring employees to travel long distances to attend presentations.  

  • SpeakDirect can host different messages depending on the audience – phonecasts to brief management or phonecasts to the wider workforce and hard to reach people
  • Briefings can be recorded from any location 24/7
  • Employees can access the information at any time, 24/7 regardless of location
  • Clients are allocated a unique telephone number for employees to call to access the briefing
  • If the briefing is of a sensitive nature, an access code can be allocated for additional security or to identify different groups of listeners
  • Text alerts can be used to notify employees of a new live briefing, or as a standalone communication tool
  • Detailed reports are available 



Other applications

SpeakDirect can also deliver other aspects of your overall internal communications strategy including:

  • Employee feedback, for example best practice ideas/suggestion schemes etc.
  • Employee surveys can be answered using the telephone keypad or by leaving a verbal response
  • Emergency information lines that allow large numbers of people to easily and conveniently access the latest information 24/7
  • Delivery of training modules enabling employees to learn at their own pace and at a time and location most convenient to them

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