What is the SpeakUp service?

SpeakUp enables whistleblowers to report their concerns safely and securely

What is the SpeakUp service?

SpeakUp has been developed with the interests of the whistleblower at its heart and provides a safe and confidential way for employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to make reports about serious concerns they may have about wrongdoing in the workplace.

Using a simple, consistent and compliant process, it ensures that reported concerns are passed directly and unedited to nominated senior managers.  SpeakUp also facilitates two-way communication between the whistleblower and your organisation even when anonymity is requested.  

Key Features

Widest range of secure reporting channels

SpeakUp enables individuals to access the whistleblower hotline using their choice of secure, confidential and anonymous reporting channels.  They can leave a secure voice message, talk direct to a specially-trained call handler or leave an online message via our secure website.  Individuals can also make a report by email, letter or fax.

Encourage disclosers to leave information

The SpeakUp channels are based on a free-form reporting approach to avoid the discloser from feeling interrogated and uncomfortable.  However, all SpeakUp channels include information prompts to encourage the discloser to leave key information about their report that may help the investigation. Our data demonstrates the disclosers are willing to come forward again and respond to questions that their organisation may ask in relation to their concern and leave further information.

Reporting in different languages

SpeakUp provides the most flexible international service enabling individuals to make a report directly in their own language in over 100 countries around the world without having to wait for a suitably qualified translator to be found.  InTouch transcribes and translates (as applicable) the reports word for word whatever language was used avoiding misinterpretation.

Report anytime

SpeakUp enables individuals to report in their own time whenever it is most convenient.  It is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Customised programmes

SpeakUp can be customised to meet specific client needs and budgets.  Scripts can also be customised to engage employees most effectively according to the country and cultures where they work.

Raised employee awareness

SpeakUp provides personalised promotional material for use by different audiences and cultures to raise awareness about the whistleblower hotline and how to use it.

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