Protecting the whistleblower's identity

100% anonymity whatever the reporting channel

Protecting the whistleblower's identity

People are always more concerned when making a report about sensitive or serious issues and they may be feeling peer pressure to stay quiet fearing reprisals from work colleagues should they speak up.

It is a fact that around 76% of whistleblowers making reports will protect their identities.  We fully understand this which is why SpeakUp can guarantee 100% anonymity whichever channel is chosen by whistleblowers to make their reports, where legislation permits.

When reports are made by telephone, the callers numbers are not captured and no one at the organisation will hear their voices.  When reports are made online, we never capture whistleblowers’ IP addresses or email addresses.

InTouch understands the significance of confidentiality and anonymity for whistleblowers and the only time that their identities are passed to organisations is when reporters have authorised us to do so.

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