Organisational benefits

A best practice solution tailored for individual organisations

Organisational benefits

SpeakUp provides our clients with a progressive whistleblowing programme that enables them to demonstrate best practice business protection.  It encourages more people to come forward to express their concerns and reduces the risk of serious matters going unreported.

In use with national and multinational organisations all over the world, SpeakUp complements existing policies and procedures, enabling them to:

Encourage Whistleblowers

SpeakUp is an easy to access, simple to use service designed to meet the needs of whistleblowers who can make reports using their preferred channel and retain control over the process at all times.  When the SpeakUp service is used, over 30% of whistleblowers make contact more than once to provide additional information resulting in more successful investigations and follow-ups of their concerns. 

Monitor Progress   

A Case Reporting System is part of the standard SpeakUp service.  It provides quick and easy access to individual cases and real-time management information 24/7.  There is also a facility that enables the recipients of individual cases to make case notes during the investigation which helps you to keep track of progress.

Ensure Compliance

SpeakUp enables the introduction of whistleblowing procedures that mitigate potential risks and protect organisations against financial loss, damage to reputation and/or non-compliance with corporate governance requirements by helping to identify any wrongdoing within the workplace.  It ensures compliance with UK Bribery Act, UK Corporate Governance Code and Sarbanes-Oxley.  All data capture is carried out within the EU and is fully compliant with EU requirements.

Meet Tendering Requirements

SpeakUp enables our clients to meet tender criteria that require potential suppliers to provide confidential whistleblower hotlines for employees, potentially giving our clients a competitive advantage.

Achieve Global Protection

SpeakUp can be used by non-English speakers both in the UK and around the world to make reports without the frustrating delays experienced where interpreters are introduced.  Using SpeakUp, reports can be made by whistleblowers directly in their own language, avoiding loss of meaning and without experiencing delays whilst interpreters are found.  The service is fully customised to meet country-specific data privacy and other regulatory requirements.

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