Whistleblower benefits

Designed with the whistleblower in mind

Whistleblower benefits

SpeakUp is an easy to access, simple to use service that has been designed to meet the needs of whistleblowers. It enables them to stay in control of the process at all times and never feel pressurised.

We help the whistleblower by making them feel certain, assured and comfortable as they make their reports.  This gives them the confidence to detail their concerns.

Whistleblowers can raise their concerns using the channel that is most comfortable and convenient for them 24/7, 365 days a year.  We provide free-form reporting options to make it easier for the whistleblower to make a report. 

By Telephone

Call handling

Talking direct to fully trained, empathetic call handlers puts whistleblowers at ease, helping them to feel confident about providing information without feeling that they are being interrogated. Questions are asked in an empathetic manner by our call handlers that are highly skilled in speaking to distressed callers. 

Interactive voice messaging (IVM)

For some people, the telephone may be the most convenient and easiest route to make a report but not everyone wants to speak to someone. Our unique IVM service is chosen by 1 in 5 whistleblowers because they do not wish to get involved or they feel that this route provides even greater anonymity.

It is also particularly attractive to global users.  The IVM is an alternative route for non English speakers and eliminates the frustrating delays experienced with traditional hotlines whilst waiting for interpreters to be found which can lead to caller hang-ups and avoids awkward three-way conversations.

By Internet

Our web platform is easy to navigate in different languages and allows reports to be made without having to complete lengthy questionnaires. 

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